PTFE Tubing

We manufacture chemical resistant PTFE tubes in thin wall and Industrial walls. This flexible, high temperature tubing operates in temperatures up to 230°C and is the most chemical and corrosion resistant.

PTFE Tubing has nonstick surface which facilitates flow and eliminates media buildup. In equipment application, the vibration damping properties of PTFE are excellent at both sonic and ultrasonic frequencies.

These chemically inert tubes are non-wetting and non-leaching, making them ideal for a wide range of instrumentation tubing applications. We offer PTFE Tubes in different wall thickness and diameters to fulfill requirement of every industry standards.

Key properties of PTFE Tubing
  • Resistant to most chemicals and corrosion
  • Resistant to extreme heat or cold (-100°C to + 230°C)
  • Lowest coefficient of friction
  • Resists UV rays
  • Medical devices (Only FDA compliant)
  • Analytical instruments
  • Food/Beverage Processing
  • Printing/Marking equipment
  • Cryogenic refrigeration systems
  • Heat Exchangers

Available in 0.8mm Wall Thickness to 1.5mm and outer diameter of 4mm to 28mm

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