PTFE Components for Glass Lined Equipments

PTFE Manhole Bush

Our Manhole bush for Glass Lined Vessel made from 100% Virgin grade PTFE are available in both Elliptical and Round shaped manholes.

Elliptical are available in 300x400 DN and 350x450 DN and up to 150mm Length

Round Manhole bush are available from 400NB to 600NB and up to 150mm Length

Glass Lined Vessel Nozzle Bush

Made from 100% Virgin PTFE, Easy to fit, Excellent Sealing, Longer lifespan.

Available in sizes from 50NB to 600NB and lengths up to 300mm

Bottom Outlet Valve Bellow

Our bottom outlet valve bellows are made from highest grade of PTFE resin. It could be modified with the additives if required by applications. It has excellent expanding and shrinking propetries for sealing and longer equipment life.

Available sizes are 80 x 50DN, 100 x 80DN, 150 x 100DN

Bottom Outlet Valve Seats

Bottom outlet valves seats are a critical component of a glass-lined reactor or storage vessel. While their rudimentary purpose is to discharge product, today’s standard for valves require much more functionality than a basic dump valve. To meet the growing demands of modern-day processes, valve manufacturers now offer enhancements to increase the capabilities available in the marketplace.

We are also providing replacement parts such as valve seats to assure tight shut-off to prevent leaking under pressure or vacuum, Exceptional Sealing, Better Performance.

Made from 100% Virgin PTFE and also available in Glass Fiber filled PTFE. We offer Valve Seats in 80 x 50DN, 100 x 80DN, 150 x 100DN. Customized solutions are also available as per customer requirement.

PTFE Envelope (Glass Lined Vessel Gaskets)

PTFE is the most commonly used fluoropolymer for gasket construction. Its inertness and superior chemical resistance make it a choice material throughout a variety of industries. The rigorous operating conditions of glass-lined equipment make PTFE an ideal gasket selection due to its chemical properties, low coefficient of friction, and outstanding temperature resistance.

DHWANI POLYMER’S GLVG’S are made up of 3 components, 2 x Multi-Seal inserts which are placed either side of a 1.5mm stainless steel corrugated ring (this prevents the gasket from being blown out) and are then enclosed by a PTFE envelope which has a high chemical resistance, which protects the Multi-seal inserts, and this allows the gasket assembly to work up to a temperature of 260°C. All 3 components are manufactured at our manufacturing facility which allows us to react to emergencies that occur on site.

We manufacture PTFE envelopes in milled & slit type which are offered in bore protector or full cover style, either to standard or bespoke sizes up to 3.0 meter diameter.

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