Our PTFE rod is available in various diameters and lengths. On coil or reel with production lengths, straight lengths of 1000/2000mm or on customer-specific cut lengths. For applications requiring an exact diameter and roundness, we recommend grounded rod. This rod is processed after extrusion so desired diameter and roundness are guaranteed.

Molded Rods: Available in Diameter of 25mm to 300mm and Length of 300mm to 1000mm

Extruded Rods: Available in Diameter of 6mm to 200mm and length of 1000mm to 2000mm

Key properties of PTFE Rods
  • Coefficient of friction is incredibly low.
  • Maximum working temperature of – 200°C to +260°C (+300°C for short periods)
  • Outstanding electrical insulation properties
  • Minimal moisture absorption
  • Highly Chemical & Acid resistant.
  • Highly UV resistant
  • PTFE is one of the most thermally stable plastic materials.
  • Food approved & non toxic

Properties of PTFE can be improved by adding additives as carbon, graphite, glass etc.

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